Sky Blue Mosaic Quartz 8mm Round Dakota Stones 8-inch Strand

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Gorgeous 8mm round mosaic quartz in sky blue and sparkling bronze. This composite stone is made from pieces of dyed quartz and bronzite in resin, creating beads that look like deep, variegated aqua shot through with ribbons of sunstone. Each lot is one 8-inch strand, or approximately 25 beads. You will receive beads from the same batch as those pictured; these are representative of the actual beads being sold here, not picked through for the best examples. Please note that these are natural products with the attendant variations in color and shape, and the appearance may change slightly from one monitor to another. Check out my other listings for an amazing selection of beads, cabochons and findings, and to save big on shipping. WHY DAKOTA STONES? Dakota Stones are a well-known brand in the gemstone and semi-precious stone world, carrying a wide range of beads, cabochons, pendants and other stone (and a few non-stone) products. According to their website, they focus on selecting high-quality rough and then overseeing the process to create beautiful finished products that will add class and value to your finished designs. They visit the factories from which they buy in order to ensure good conditions, quality materials and ethical processes, including fair pay for all the workers involved. The finished product is consistently high-quality with beautiful colors, cuts and natural stone patterns.