The Capricorn Food Safe Zodiac Mold by Zuri Designs

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Zodiac mold featuring a framed saying for Capricorn, accompanied by a stylized horned goat. The mold is brand new and in the original packaging. Get the unparalleled quality of Zuri Designs molds for your project. These incredible high-quality silicone molds can be frozen or cooked, and used for either food or non-food craft purposes. This food safe Capricorn mold is part of the Zodiac Signs collection from Zuri. The mold is large, and the frame can be used on its own. The saying is as follows:

"An over-achiever who aims for success, I raise from failures and follow through with lessons learned from my mistakes. I always have something to pursue. When challenges try bringing me down I fight my demons, I wipe out my tears. With great resolve, I straighten my crown and defiantly wear my scars like wings."

Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this mold:

"Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is represented by the sea goat, a mythological creature with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. Capricorns are know for being worker bees; they’re ambitious, organized, practical, and goal-oriented.

This mold is large. The frame can be also used on its own.

This mold can be used with clay or resin, as well as with food decoration mediums such as chocolate or fondant. When using resin with this mold, we recommend that you apply a release agent first, for example a thin layer of cooking oil spray. When using polymer or air-dry clay with this mold, we recommend that you apply a fine layer of cornstarch, talcum powder or water on the mold before filling it with clay."

Mold size: 8.7 by 6.3 inches