The Sagittarius Zodiac Mold by Zuri Designs

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Zodiac mold featuring a framed saying for Sagittarius, accompanied by a majestic centaur shooting his bow and arrow toward the sky. The mold is brand new and in the original packaging. Get the unparalleled quality of Zuri Designs molds for your project. These incredible high-quality silicone molds can be frozen or cooked, and used for either food or non-food craft purposes. This food safe Sagittarius mold is part of the Zodiac Signs collection from Zuri. The mold is large, and the frame can be used on its own. The saying is as follows:

"I am December's restless voyager, born from the fire and from the ice. I'm an instinctual forager, an eager collector of hearts. And when I love, I'm one of a kind. Trustworthy, endlessly romantic, my joie de vivre is never bound, my optimism can be gigantic. I am your perfect partner in crime. I speak fluent sarcasm and am wild at times."

Mold size: 7.87 by 5.83 inches