Abstract Floral Geometric Handmade Loom Beaded Large Barrette in Green Bronze and Gray with Authentic French Clip

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With a design inspired by Southwestern and Plains Native Americans, this meticulously handcrafted beaded hair barrette features a bright metallic bronze and deep green tribal design on a dove gray background. It's a bold design, but created in colors that blend beautifully with a wide range of casual and semi-formal wardrobe choices. Wear this for a day out on the town or in the office, or while you're getting gussied up for the rodeo or county fair. This handcrafted beaded barrette was created on a loom using high-quality Delica cylinder seed beads. These beads are known for their amazing uniformity, giving a distinctive polished finished look, as well as for long-lasting colors and finishes. The beaded barrette has a felt backing, and is attached to a 3-inch authentic "made in France" French clip barrette. Each barrette is first glued to the backing and the clip with extra-strength glue, and is then hand-sewn into place so it stays looking great for years of wear.