Totem Pole Owl Animals Food Safe Mold by Zuri Designs

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This Totem Pole mold features stylized animals, including owls, a wolf and a bear. The mold is brand new and in the original packaging. Get the unparalleled quality of Zuri Designs molds for your project. These incredible high-quality silicone molds can be frozen or cooked, and used for either food or non-food craft purposes. This food safe mold is part of the All Things Medley collection from Zuri.

This mold includes the totem pole and two small plaques. The smaller plaque reads "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave," and the other says "When you feel like the lowest person on the totem pole, remember that the strongest one is always at the bottom."

The mold measures 6.7 x 8.1 inches overall. The totem pole itself is 6 inches tall with the wingspan at the top measuring just under 6 inches.